Manker ML01 Multi White/Red/Blue 90lm (Брелок+велосип. фонарь)

Код: 1583-B-Manker ML01-sn-1y-75G-Q2 

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  • Брелок+велосипедний фонарь

    Adopt high power COB 'Chip-On-Board' LED
    Light color: red / blue / white
    Multiple illumination modes: red/blue flash & white light
    Adopt a special algorithm constant current drive circuit
    Maximum 90 lumens output (white light)
    Maximum 18 hours runtime (red/blue flash)
    Battery: built-in 300 mAh polymer lithium battery
    Micro-USB charging Port
    With IP65 protection grade, can adapt to all kinds of complex outdoor environment
    Material: PC engineering plastics
    Keychain design, ultra compact, easy carry
    Application: night jogging / sanitation work / police officer / cyclist (bicycle tail light)
    Size: 80 mm (length) x 26 mm (width) * 15.6 mm (high)
    Weight: 23.7 gram

    Комплектация: пластиковый держатель, силиконовый держатель, кабель USB-microUSB, фонарь, инструкция, гарантийный талон

    Режиммы белого света: 
    - High: 90lm 50 min, 
    - Middle: 50lm 1 hours 30 min, 
    - Low: 10lm 6 hours 30 min

    Режимы красного/синего света: 
    - Red/Blue light (constant): 8 hours, 
    - Strobe: 10 hours, 
    - Slow Flash: 10 hours, 
    - Fast Flash: 18 hours.



    White lighting modes:
    Single click to control white lighting modes, cycle 'High -> Middle -> Low -> OFF'
    Red/blue lighting modes:
    Single click to control red/blue lighting modes, cycle 'Strobe(10Hz) -> Slow flash (2Hz) -> Fast flash (3 red flashes and then 3 blue flashes) -> Red light -> Blue light -> OFF'

    Double click to change white lighting to red/blue flashes
    Press and hold button for more 1 seconds to turn off
    Any mode last more than 30 seconds, just one click to turn off.

    Battery Indicator


    Production usage:
    Red light on:
    power alance ≤10%

    Red light on: 0% - 95%
    Green light on: ≥95%

    Упаковка: алюминиевый кейс

    Гарантийный срок: 1 год

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